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Trivio TIPS

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We released TRIVIO as a free app yesterday and the FIRST RELEASE was very widely downloaded around the world and there are some issues that people noted.

TIPS: ONLY 1 person can say the answer and WAIT for the microphone image to pop up before speaking.

TRIVIO has passed numerous QA steps in US/Canada. However, it does not like background music, noises or other people talking during your recording. Please play in a quiet location. All answers have been programmed anticipating North American "phonetics" so usage in foreign countries is uncharted territory.

A new update 1.0.7 is with Apple and under review and will allow the player to adjust the "correct" response threshold -- perhaps we set it too high in our very FIRST RELEASE to weed out bad answers from good answers.

* Humble apologies from the dev team if you found it too strict and that wrong answer buzzer got on your nerves.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 November 2010 19:16